Hi, my name is Chris Hobson.

I’m a healthcare strategy pro.

The Why

Healthcare is a human right. My professional mission is to open up access to high-quality medical care for every person, regardless of their background. At a time when the wealth gap continues to widen, and with it healthcare accessibility, it is incumbent on those of us in the public health field to work toward the removal of as many barriers to quality care as possible.

To do this we must challenge the status quo and overcome entrenched attitudes about who deserves quality care. Healthcare must be tailored to the individual patient and their lived experiences, and healthcare providers must take into account social determinants of health when charting a patient’s care pathway.

The How

Complicated problems require multi-faceted solutions. So how do we raise everyone’s living standards when it comes to care delivery? Whether it’s interpreting and summarizing health data into clear and concise language, developing quality metrics around patient-centered interventions, or helping patients tell their stories, I have spent much of my career getting to the heart of why so many in the U.S. have been prevented from living their best life.

Through my work I strive to envision a restructured U.S. healthcare system that allows medical providers the latitude to take individual patient needs into consideration. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Social determinants of health also must be addressed, whether it’s providing needed transportation to a doctor’s appointment or deploying billing navigators to help patients better understand medical costs and avoid financial toxicity. Check out my blog to follow my continuing journey into how we can improve people’s lives in a sustainable way.

The What

Everyone deserves quality healthcare. Through my writing, video production, podcasting, health policy analysis, physician committee organizing, or other means of communication, I always place the patient at the forefront of my work. By raising the profile of those most in need — whether that be through the written word, by inviting them onto a podcast, or by committing their experiences to video — I endeavor to persuade an ever greater number of people to see the humanity in their neighbors.

“The first wealth is health.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


With nearly 15 years of experience in producing and managing highly successful communications initiatives, I have a passion for bringing teams together and leveraging all types of digital, social, and print media to drive positive change for both patients and their healthcare providers. I am excited to apply my adeptness at health policy sense-making and acumen for optimizing communications networks to help improve the care of every individual and alleviate healthcare disparities.


I’ve spent a career working in both corporate and nonprofit settings ensuring the customer experience is second to none. In healthcare, customers are patients and nowhere is the phrase “the customer is always right” more applicable. Through my work in healthcare trade associations I have always endeavored to place the patient at the center of everything healthcare professionals do.


As producer and host of The ACR Bulletin Podcast, each month I bring inspiring patient and physician stories to life in their own words. In addition I act as producer of an award-winning video documentary series about innovations in medicine, and write magazine articles and case studies in support of a range of patient-centered healthcare efforts.


Healthcare inequality, patient accessibility issues, population health management, and public health are all topics that inform and drive my work. At the end of the day, I strive to re-imagine a world where every single person can trust that they will receive exceptional care, and don’t have to worry that a visit to the hospital may bankrupt them and their family.

Let’s remake healthcare together.

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