Hi, my name is Chris Hobson.

I’m a strategic communications expert.

The Why

Effective communication is a catalyst for change. My professional mission is to ensure that every individual has access to clear, impactful information. In this era of disinformation, it’s vital for those of us in communications to make information accessible and actionable. Communications strategies should be tailored to individual needs and backgrounds, taking into account diverse experiences and perspectives to craft meaningful messages.

The How

Complex challenges demand multifaceted approaches. So, how do we improve information delivery? Whether it’s translating intricate data into understandable narratives, analyzing metrics to find user-centric solutions, or amplifying diverse voices, I’ve dedicated my career to facilitating the free flow of information. I envision a communications landscape where information is delivered when and where people most consume it. Central to this vision is addressing and mitigating mis- and disinformation. Dive into my blog to explore sustainable ways to enhance the exchange of information and improve lives.

The What

Everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Through my writing, video production, podcasting, policy analysis, and other communications avenues, I consistently prioritize ground truth. By amplifying voices — whether through the written word, podcast episodes, or video narratives — I strive to inspire people to recognize and value the stories and experiences of others.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

-Stephen R. Covey


With nearly 15 years of experience in producing and managing impactful communications initiatives, I have a proven track record of uniting teams and harnessing the power of digital, social, and print media to drive positive change. My expertise in policy interpretation and knack for optimizing communication networks positions me to elevate any organization’s messaging and bridge communication gaps across diverse audiences.


Throughout my career in both corporate and nonprofit environments, I’ve dedicated my efforts across a variety of media, both traditional and digital, to ensuring an unparalleled customer experience. In every industry, the end-user’s perspective is paramount. Through my involvement in various trade associations, I’ve consistently championed the principle of placing the individual at the core of all professional endeavors.


Throughout my career, I’ve consistently demonstrated an ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. My expertise spans a range of mediums, from digital campaigns to print publications. As a seasoned communications and marketing professional, I’ve spearheaded initiatives that amplify voices, foster engagement, and drive impactful results for organizations across various sectors.


My work revolves around enhancing communication strategies for individuals and organizations alike. I delve into the nuances of effective messaging, audience engagement, and the power of narrative. I’m motivated by the vision of a world where clear, impactful communication bridges gaps, fosters understanding, and empowers both individuals and organizations to achieve their goals.

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